Environmental Consulting

  • LEED Certification

    We offer a complete LEED Certification Service, ensuring the selection and implementation of the credits that give the greatest benefits at the lowest cost, for each individual project.

    The process includes all the necessary calculations to identify opportunities and benefits from design, improving project performance and therefore, the level of certification.

    Learn more about LEED certification.

  • Energy Modeling

    We provide Energy Modeling services for passive and/or mechanical ventilated projects considering all energy loads to evaluate and compare the actual performance of systems or to meet national and international standards. With this type of models a wide range of quantitative information can be generated to support the decision making process and to generate reliable green marketing.

  • Energy Audits

    In existing and operation buildings; we perform ASHRAE's Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Energy Audits, to understand and analyze where the energy is consumed and to identify opportunity areas for efficiency.

  • Commissioning

    Commissioning process is similar to an energy audit but in commissioning, the project can be reviewed during design, mainly before occupancy, and during the operation. The performance building's systems are tested, and if necessary, modified to ensure that all systems operate as intended and therefore verify that the project satisfies the requirements of the owner and overall energy savings.

    During Operation, Retrocommissioning services can also be performed, where areas of opportunity are identified. A revision of all systems in the first 10 months of operation is also recommended to assure that the building will maintain the expected performance.

  • Measurement and Verification

    Continuous monitoring of energy consumption in an existing project to compare data with design, or operation of previous years to identify shortcomings in the operation, maintenance and/or calibration of equipment.

  • bEQ Certification (“As Designed” / “In Operation”)

    Certification issued by ASHRAE (American Society for Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), which demonstrates energy performance in a building. The bEQ (Building Energy Quotient) has two labels; "In Operation" which evaluates the actual performance of the building and "In Design", which evaluates conditions using an energy model under standard conditions.

  • Other Services

    • Daylight Analysis and Design
    • Natural Ventilation Desing (Passive Design)
    • Envelope Design and Analysis
    • Water Balance (use and re-use of water)
    • Indoor Air Quality in Buildings
    • Benefit-Cost of Renewable Energy Strategies
    • Waste Minimization
    • Calculation and Minimization of Greenhouse Gases.