Ecological Architecture

  • Architectural Design

    We implement commercial architectural design, quantitatively evaluating design decisions and considering sustainable and profitable strategies for each project.

  • Urban Design and Infrastructure

    Urban design projects including industrial, commercial complexes, and residential subdivisions. Participation of specialists in the conceptual and geometric design requested, and development of Executive/Design for roads, infrastructure services, landscaping management, stormwater management, modeling of urban or vehicular impacts, seeking to comply with applicable regulations and recent trends in sustainable urban development.

  • Natural Lighting Design

    Daylight modeling through a radiosity software, to analyze daylighting either on a specific date or to the 85th percentile (the expected conditions 85% of the time during the hours of building occupancy)

  • Natural Ventilation Design

    Using a thermodynamic software, hygrothermal comfort (temperature and humidity) studies are performed, or air volume flow is studied to inform passive systems design.

  • Envelope Design

    Envelope studies are developed to inform recommendations on optimal building elements (i.e. roof, walls, windows, etc.), which give the best operational benefits at the lowest construction costs. The results of these studies allow architects to select the insulation, materials or glazing systems that quantitatively provide the largest benefits to their projects.