“THREE is a consulting firm specialized in design and Sustainable Engineering in the construction industry. It is synonym of creativity and innovation, providing ecological, economical and social value to the built environment”

Environmental Consulting

We compare solutions and develop cost-benefit strategies through physics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and other sciences to reduce energy consumption, water, solid waste and minimize GHG emissions in both, new and existing buildings.

Ecological Architecture

We analyze the site and its features to design functional and aesthetic spaces that are not only healthy, but that also reduce energy consumption, water, and minimize waste and consumption of materials, becoming an example to follow.

Integrated Engineering

Necessary for the consulting and architecture services to be effective. It is very important to integrate engineering from the early stages in the conceptual design, to ensure the quality of the final product. It is common that certain sustainability strategies do not operate properly, and in most cases it occurs that they have not been built as they were calculated and / or designed.